Responsible stewardship begins with careful planning. Our foresters work closely with landowners to identify long-term forest resource objectives and strategies. With a strong focus on multiple-use forestry, we are able to plan for a number of conservation practices to occur concurrently on your forest property. Our foresters’ diverse backgrounds offer the ability to prepare forest management and stewardship plans that focus on objectives such as:

  • Sustainable Timber Production
  • Timber Quality Enhancement
  • Wildlife Habitat Management and Restoration
  • Old-Growth Characteristic Enhancement
  • Invasive Species Control & Native Plant Restoration
  • Improved Recreational Access

Our 10-year Forest Management and Stewardship Plans each include the following:

  • A complete inventory of current standing forest product volumes
  • A set of detailed property maps showing forest boundaries, stands and cover types
  • Forest product volume tables broken down by stand along with narrative stand descriptions and silvicultural recommendations
  • A detailed management schedule outlining harvest activities and management practices to be carried out over the 10-year planning period

All Forest Management and Stewardship Plans prepared by Bay State Forestry Service meet the criteria set forth for enrollment in both the NH Current-Use program and the MA Ch. 61 program. Our foresters are happy to explain these programs to you and help identify their potential benefits to your forest property. Our plans also meet criteria set forth by the American Tree Farm System and the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service.